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Quality Assurance

At Harmony we aim to provide high quality care to our clients. It is our policy that staff carry out regular quality visits and quality control checks to ensure our clients are receiving the best quality of service. These visits provide us with feedback and enable us to improve services where necessary. We intend to provide the client with a service, which conforms to all aspects of service standards, safety standards and to the client’s requirements. We carry out quality control checks on all care workers, including visiting and assessing care workers whilst on duty to monitor the care we deliver. We undertake through instruction, practical example and in-house training to ensure our carers are delivering the highest quality of care that our clients are happy with.

Whilst aiming to be accessible at all times in order to deal with any queries or problems which may arise, we also have a formal quality assurance programme. This on-going quality procedure commences with the initial management/supervisory visit. Thereafter a six monthly supervisory visit is made to ensure that the quality of the service provided is satisfactory. In addition to the above we carry out annual questionnaires asking our clients to record their feelings on the care they are receiving. The results of these reviews are collated, analysed and points raised are addressed to improve our client care.

The feedback we receive on the quality of our service is important to us and we are always ready to receive complaints and compliments. In this way, problems can be rapidly identified and corrected and good performance by our staff can be rewarded.

In addition to the above we are regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission to ensure that we are fully meeting the essential standards of quality and safety and that we are operating according to government standards.